Costco Catches Recalled Tamales Before They Hit Shelves

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- Costco here said it was able to intercept approximately 3,750 pounds of recalled frozen beef tamales headed for its warehouse clubs in the Los Angeles market before product reached the shelves.

"It's a non-event," Costco’s dir. of quality assurance told Progressive Grocer. "We’ve already identified and returned the recalled products."

Chula Vista, Calif.-based Circle Foods, LLC made the product and launched the recall upon the discovery that some of the product might contain pieces of metal that were too small for its in-plant metal detectors to catch, according to Costco.

The products subject to recall were cartons of 10 individually wrapped 5-ounce tamales with the label reading, "Tortilla land Beef Tamales, Traditional Corn Husk Wrap, All Natural."

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