Chilean Blueberries Get Set for Winter Push

The Chilean Blueberry Committee has revealed plans for an aggressive winter promotion program aimed at boosting consumer awareness of Chile’s fresh blueberries, which are available from mid-October through March.

The committee, which consists of companies representing 91 percent of Chilean blueberry exports, has committed over $1 million for worldwide promotions, with more than $350,000 of that funding earmarked for the North American market.

“The marketing message will target retail and foodservice consumers ages 25 to 54 with children at home living in metro and suburban areas with a household income of $40,000-plus,” said Tom Tjerandsen, managing director, North America, for the Sonoma, Calif.-based Chilean Fresh Fruit Association. “A companion campaign focuses on Hispanic targets.”

Promotional highlights will include:

--New winter recipes and e-releases featuring blueberries, targeting newspaper and magazine food editors in the United States and Canada
--Chilean blueberry samples sent to 25 of the most influential U.S. food editors and broadcast personalities, with story ideas and timely updates
--Radio and television messages backed by celebrities and health and nutrition experts
--Recipes and point-of-sale material for North American retailers, along with recorded announcements to air over in-store radio networks
--Background material and recipes sent throughout the winter to retail consumer affairs directors to include on their Web sites, in newsletters and in other customer communications venues

The Chilean Blueberry Committee was formed in May 2009 by the top Chilean blueberry exporting companies to work with the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association on increasing fresh blueberry sales in North America.
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