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CELSIUS HEAT™ is a new functional pre-workout drink. Each 16oz can contains 300mg caffeine and 2,000mg l-citrulline. The proprietary MetaPlus® formula boosts the body’s metabolic rate via thermogenesis which blasts fat and provides lasting energy without the crash or jitters. The added l-citrulline, a vasodilator, delivers an additional boost; studies have reported improved power output, oxygen consumption and exercise performance. HEAT is available in three delicious carbonated flavors: Inferno Punch, Cherry Lime, and Blueberry Pomegranate. Two new flavors will be launching in Q1, 2018: Strawberry Dragonfruit and Tangerine Grapefruit. CELSIUS HEAT has no preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors or artificial colors and is certified Kosher. CELSIUS HEAT suggested placement in-store is alongside other pre-workout/functional brands or in the cold energy set. SRP: $2.79-2.99.