Cattaneo Bros. Beef Sticks

Cattaneo Bros. Beef Sticks Main Image

Leveraging its expertise in European-style smoked and dried meats, Cattaneo Bros. brings a unique-to-market, meat-forward flavor and texture to its 100% Beef Sticks. Handcrafted in small batches from lean meat and spices, with no fillers or byproducts, the line comes in Original, Spicy and Teriyaki varieties, all of which feature a satisfying snap with every bite. The Beef Sticks are crafted from whole-muscle cuts of top-round beef that’s tumbled with hand-mixed spices before being stuffed. Three-foot sticks are then hung and slow-cooked at just the right temperature, naturally smoked on real hickory wood chips, and air-dried for three to five days until the ideal mouthfeel is reached. The snacks offer 7 to 9 grams of protein per serving and contain no added MSG, while the Original and Spicy varieties are completely free of sugar as well. The beef is sourced exclusively from cattle raised in the USA. An individual Beef Stick retails for a suggested $3.05, a 4-ounce package has a suggested retail price of $8.55 and a 16-ounce package goes for a suggested $20.95.




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