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Canada Safeway Lifestyle Stores Upgrading 'Grab-and-go' Program

CALGARY, Alta. - Canada Safeway, Ltd., a division of Safeway, Inc., has selected Ginger Beef Corp. to provide bulk "ready-to-heat" Chinese food products in the grocery chain's newly modernized Lifestyle locations as Canada Safeway continues upgrading and expanding its existing store base.

The bulk program will be sold from a grab-and-go meal department, offering restaurant-quality Chinese food and other popular meat entrees. The Lifestyle stores adapt the traditional grocery store concept to fit the evolving needs of its customers. These stores feature such amenities as a Starbucks coffee kiosk, a ready-to-go meal department, and expanded organic and natural food sections.

"This opportunity solidifies our position in Western Canada as the leader of Chinese food home meal replacement products. We now have partnerships with all major supermarket chains in Western Canada. Safeway is an excellent retail partner to grow our business with," noted Ginger Beef Corp. c.e.o. and president Stanley Leung in a statement. "[T]heir extensive network of stores throughout North America [provides] us with future growth opportunities in both the deli ready-to-eat/home meal replacement and frozen food sectors

Calgary-based Ginger Beef Corp. said that its bulk product lineup should be phased into remaining Canada Safeway locations over the next year. However, Canada Safeway v.p.-public relations and government affairs David Ryzebol told Progressive Grocer "it is too early to say" whether the program will be expanded. He also declined to provide information on the current number of Lifestyle stores in Canada, or how many more are slated to be built. In April the Winnipeg Sun reported that there were two Lifestyle stores in Canada, out of a total of four in North America.

Safeway operates about 1,775 stores in the United States and Canada, with a total work force of almost 200,000 employees. There are 219 Safeway locations throughout Western Canada.
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