Bulk is Green: Retailers to Introduce National Bulk Foods Week

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Bulk is Green: Retailers to Introduce National Bulk Foods Week


The Bulk is Green Council (BIG), a national organization dedicated to raising awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of purchasing organic and natural foods in bulk, is inviting retailers to participate in National Bulk Foods Week 2011, which is set for Oct. 16-22. The goal of the promotion is to educate consumers on the advantages to buying bulk foods. BIG members will also offer special incentives and price promotions for retailers.

“In a tough economy, consumers are paying close attention to what they buy at the grocery store,” noted Mark Devencenzi, director of sales & marketing at Pajaro, Calif.-based SunRidge Farms and a founding member of BIG. “Shopping in bulk offers them the opportunity to save anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent, reduce food waste by buying only as much as they need, and decrease their carbon footprint by using limited packaging.”

Among the aims of National Bulk Foods Week, according to Devencenzi, is “highlighting the environmental and economical benefits of buying in bulk, as well as to enable consumers who have never shopped in bulk to experience the fun and savings.”

Last year, Portland, Ore.-based BIG teamed with retailers across the United States to designate Oct. 23 as National Bulk Foods Day. That promotion proved such a success, according to BIG, that the event has been expanded to a full week for 2011.

This year, to drum up retailer participation, BIG members are rolling out special product savings that can then be passed along to consumers. The group will also supply signage and other promotional materials for retailers to use in stores during National Bulk Foods Week, and participating grocery stores will be able to enter the competition for the newly created 2011 Bulk Food Retailer of the Year award. To qualify for the honor, entrants must submit three images from their National Bulk Foods Week promotions.

More information about National Bulk Foods Week and the benefits of buying in bulk is available at www.bulkisgreen.org.