Buehler’s Breaks Green Ground In Ohio

Buehler Food Markets Inc. has become the first — and only — Ohio-based supermarket chain to join an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that enlists food retailers in the fight against ozone-layer depletion and climate change.

The Wooster-based 13-store independent is the newest member of EPA’s GreenChill Partnership, which the federal agency established to enable supermarkets to reduce harmful refrigerant emissions from stores and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and on climate change.

Scott Buehler, VP of the eponymous grocery company, explained: “GreenChill is just another part of our sustainability program that includes new technologies to reduce power consumption and water consumption; recycle our food waste into compost we sell in our stores; recycling centers; building green for our new ACE hardware in New Philadelphia, Ohio; and burning our used fryer oil as fuel in our diesel trucks. As technology develops, we will continue to improve our sustainability efforts.”

By joining GreenChill, EPA officials commend Buehler's commitment to go above and beyond regulatory requirements to help the earth’s ozone layer and combat climate change.

“As the one and only supermarket chain from Ohio to join GreenChill, Buehler’s is setting an excellent example of environmental leadership in the state,” said Keilly Witman, manager of the EPA’s GreenChill program. “Buehler’s is proof that you don’t have to be bigger to make an environmental difference; you just have to be better.”
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