Brookshire's to Open Second Olé Store in Corsicana, Texas

TYLER, Texas - Brookshire Grocery Co. will open a second unit under the Olé Foods Store banner, in Corsicana, Texas, next week.

The store, a remodeled former Brookshire's Food Store, will feature products and a decor geared toward the strong multi-cultural market in Corsicana, said Mark Brookshire, president-marketing group. "We want to provide Corsicana customers with what they need. Olé Foods meets those needs," said Brookshire.

While the 43,000-square-foot store will offer traditional departments such as deli, bakery, produce, and frozen foods, each department has taken on a distinctive international theme. The Restaurante, a small in-store eatery, will offer traditional entrees as well as Mexican and Central American cuisine prepared fresh daily.

The produce department is larger than typically found in the traditional Brookshire's Food Store and will feature the most complete variety of fresh, quality fruits and vegetables in the city. The "market" department will feature a live fish tank and lobster tank, as well as a full-service meat counter, freezer packs, and meats cut to the customer's request. A tortilla machine in the bakery department will provide fresh corn tortillas daily. The bakery will provide American and international breads, cookies, pies, pastries, and cakes baked fresh on-site daily. A cake decorating station will allow customers to watch bakery artists at work.

The international theme continues in the frozen foods department, which will feature imported items. The grocery department will offer thousands of extra items from Mexico and Central America.

"This store will carry brands multi-cultural customers know and are comfortable with," Brookshire said. "We've carefully adjusted item selection to meet their needs as well as those of our traditional consumers. And we will be constantly adjusting our product line to meet the needs and wants of this community. We are very open to suggestions from our customers."

Bi-lingual signs are posted throughout the store, and most of the staff will be bi-lingual. A verandah has been included on the front of the store, providing a shady spot where customers can relax or where special community events can be held.
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