Bonne Maman Herbal Teas

Bonne Maman Herbal Teas

Known in the United States for its premium preserves, Bonne Maman has now added to its family of products Bonne Maman Herbal Teas. The handpicked organic teas are made with hand-blended whole flowers, fruits and herbs, with no added aromas or flavorings. Available in five distinct blends – Dream (lemon verbena, Damask rose, sweet orange, linden, lavender, elderflower, cornflower); Contentment (star anise, blackcurrant, lemon balm, marshmallow, Brazil pepper); Vitality (peppermint, hibiscus, rose hip, licorice, marigold); Serenity (lemon balm, lemongrass, yarrow, cranberry, German chamomile, Roman chamomile); and Sweet Delight (apple, cinnamon, elderflower, lemon, stevia) – the Non-GMO and USDA Certified Organic product line offers subtle, refined flavors. The suggested retail prices are $6.49 for a box of 16 tea bags and $8.99 for a 1.41-ounce bag of loose-leaf tea. Both options come in sustainable and compostable product packaging. 



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