Blue Apron Gets Deeper into Wellness

Blue Apron Gets Deeper into Wellness
The meal kit provider’s Wellness 360 push will showcase how home cooking can benefit holistic wellness.

Blue Apron is launching a wellness campaign.

The meal kit provider’s Wellness 360 push will showcase how home cooking can benefit holistic wellness, including physical, brain, relationship, mental and financial health, Blue Apron said.

“As our community of home cooks continue to be increasingly focused on their overall wellness, we designed Wellness 360 to expand the ways in which cooking with Blue Apron can support them on that journey,” said Dani Simpson, Blue Apron’s head of brand and marketing. “We know home cooking is more than making a meal. It has the ability to unlock a host of different benefits across aspects of one’s daily life, including reducing stress.”

As part of the initial Wellness 360 launch, Blue Apron introduced:

  • New recipes to offer additional flexibility and balance: The new Wellness menu features recipes with fresh produce, whole grains, high-quality proteins and natural sweeteners. These nutritionist-approved recipes are a complement to Blue Apron’s Signature menu, giving customers flexibility to choose meals that fit their lifestyles without sacrificing the flavor they know and love.
  • Expansion of Blue Apron’s current offerings: The company is continuing to deliver on its promise to add flexibility and variety on its menu by expanding its customization offerings. With a new “Swap the Starch” option, customers can swap out a traditional side starch like potatoes, rice or pasta in a recipe for additional vegetables, Banza chickpea pasta or “make your own cauliflower rice.”
  • Cooking with less prep and easier cleanup: Blue Apron also plans to offer home cooks the option to choose recipes designed for quicker prep and easier cleanup, like sheet pan and one-pot dinners, so they can spend less time in the kitchen.
  • Advertising and influencer campaign: Wellness 360 is a fully integrated campaign and the company plans to feature content across multiple channels, including connected TV, streaming video and editorial sponsorships. Blue Apron also expects to work with influencers across all five wellness categories to highlight the many ways home cooking can support a holistic healthy lifestyle.
  • Collaborations that bring the campaign to life: In celebration of Disney and Pixar’s new movie Soul, streaming on Disney+ starting on Dec. 25, Blue Apron chefs created new wholesome recipes designed to easily engage kids in the kitchen for the perfect dinner and a movie experience at home. In addition, Blue Apron will continue to work with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to offer WW-Approved, veggie-forward recipes.

With this renewed focus, the company also updated its vision and mission to reinforce its belief in the transformative power of cooking, Blue Apron said. Blue Apron’s new vision is “better living through better food” as they work to “spark discovery, connection and joy through cooking.”

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