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Award-Winning, EPA List N Bathroom Disinfectant

CleanWell® has been delivering proprietary, botanical-based, clean-without-compromise formulas since 2007. The plant-derived Thymol active ingredient in CleanWell® Botanical Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner eliminates 99.9% of common household germs and is approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) by EPA List N. This bleach- and quat-free cleaner kills mold and mildew and eliminates odor-causing bacteria without harsh chemicals. Clean, disinfect, and deodorize those common hard, nonporous surfaces—sinks and vanities, tubs and showers, toilet seats and handles, faucets and doorknobs—that your family touches every day with no rinsing required. Chosen as Best Bathroom Disinfectant by Better Homes & Gardens for the 2021 Clean House Awards.

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