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Aussies' Foodland Implements Demand Management Software

CANNINGVALE, Western Australia - Foodland Associated Ltd. (FAL) here plans to implement demand management software to manage its enterprise-wide retail pricing.

Foodland -- one of Australia's largest public companies with food retail and wholesale operations in Western Australia, Queensland, northern New South Wales, and the North and South Islands of New Zealand -- will implement DemandTec's Consumer Demand Management software, which is designed to help retailers strategically plan, optimize, and execute demand-driven merchandising and marketing programs based on a quantified understanding of consumer demand.

"DemandTec's software allows our merchandising teams to better understand consumer response to retail pricing," said Trevor Coates, FAL’s c.e.o. "Most importantly, the software will enable the FAL Group to manage retail prices right across the store network, across Australia and New Zealand, and be value-creating through increased sales and profit contribution."
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