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And the Oscar Goes to ...


If you missed the Academy Awards this weekend, there's no need to feel left out of the game. Humane Farm Animal Care, a national non-profit group created to improve the lives of farm animals, is urging people to "honor the stars that make a real difference" in the lives of farm animals -- farmers and ranchers who provide a safer, healthier, more humane environment for the animals they raise.

Taking the fun a step further, the group released its own list of Oscar winners to honor the grocery stores and supermarkets that carry Certified Humane products.

And the Oscar goes to…

1. Safeway, for Most Committed Retailer: "Safeway has earned this award for being the first major retailer in the U.S. to require their cage-free and organic egg suppliers to become Certified Humane," noted Humane Farm Animal Care. The group highlighted Safeway's Lucerne Cage-Free, Open Nature Cage-Free and Safeway O-Organic eggs, which are all now Certified Humane.

2. Harris Teeter, for Up and Coming Regional Standout Retailer: "Harris Teeter carries numerous Certified Humane brands, including eggs, chicken and bacon at its locations in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions."

3. Costco, for Growing Commitment to Certified Humane products: "Costco now offers Kirkland Signature Organic Eggs that are Certified Humane in many regions of the U.S.

4. Whole Foods, for Most Diverse Selection of Certified Humane products: Whole Foods stores around the U.S. and Canada offer a variety of eggs and dairy products that are Certified Humane.

Humane Farm Animal Care is encouraging consumers to send thank-you letters to these retailers for their efforts in carrying Certified Humane products.