Aisle 24 Opens High-Tech Store in Toronto

Latest location built with advanced security solutions for safety, data insights and enhanced shopper experience
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Aisle 24
Aisle 24, a Canadian chain with plans to expand to the U.S., welcomed shoppers to its latest cashierless store in Toronto.

A new cashierless grocery store has opened in Toronto, equipped with advanced security features that benefit both shoppers and the retailer. The latest Aisle 24 store at 21 Ordnance Street is considered a “hyper-urban” store designed for a quick, convenient and secure shopping experience.

The security setup at the new Aisle 24 location includes surveillance coverage, custom access control, remote control and analytics that help team members manage their inventory and operations. The retailer worked with partners Smart Installs and Axis Communications to create the integrated security system, which is powered by technologies including AI-enabled video management, a mobile app, 2N audio/video intercoms and more. 

Customers enter the store in a contactless way, using an app on their phone to gain access via a front door intercom. After they have finished shopping, they check out at a frictionless register kiosk.

“People appreciate having this kind of safe and secure convenience in their neighborhood or right in the building where they live,” John Douang, co-founder and CEO of Aisle 24. “By emphasizing safety and security while accumulating business intelligence, we’re offering franchise owners the ability to monetize empty space and build a profitable business that places far fewer demands on their time than running a traditional grocery store.”

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Added Keith D’sa, country manager at Axis Communications: “As we enter a new era of streamlined retail experiences, investing in state-of-the-art, integrated solutions is key to providing dynamic levels of safety and security, while bolstering overall business intelligence. With the confluence of applications and uses that today’s security technology provides, our goal is to keep customers and assets secure, while also allowing Aisle 24 to leverage data to inform day-to-day and long-term business strategies.”

This is the 16th Aisle 24 store in the Ontario and Quebec regions. The retailer plans to open at least 40 more stores in Canada's Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax areas by the end of the year and is eyeing expansion into the U.S., South America and parts of Europe and Asia.

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