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AI-Powered Personalization Improves Grocery Shopping

AI-Powered Personalization Improves Grocery Shopping
Halla's algorithm is trained on data from more than 800,000 food items, 125,000 ingredients, 17 million recipes and 30,000 content, context and behavioral attributes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) custom-tailored to the grocery vertical offers retailers the ability to deeply personalize online shopping experiences instead of compelling shoppers to wade through tens of thousands of possible choices.

ThryveAI, a Mi9 Retail retail brand, launched last month and already touts supermarket clients such as Meijer, Wakefern Food Corp., ShopRite, Mariano's, Giant Eagle and more. Now, ThryveAI has partnered with taste intelligence company Halla to integrate grocery-specific AI into the ThryveAI digital commerce platform

The platform displays the items best-suited to each customer based on shopping history, dietary preferences, current shopping cart selections and more by using Halla's algorithm that is trained on data from more than 800,000 food items, 125,000 ingredients, 17 million recipes, and 30,000 content, context, and behavioral attributes.

Halla says that not only can it accurately predict the items, brands and quantities that a customer is looking for, but it can also proactively recommend choices that match customer dietary preferences and lifestyle choices.  

"Halla's Taste Intelligence engine makes smart recommendations and encourages food discovery by understanding the customers' individual taste preferences and how they will actually use each food item," said Spencer Price, CEO and co-founder of Halla. "This provides a far superior experience to making customers update their preferences each time they visit a store online. We're thrilled to be partner with ThryveAI to offer their grocery clients an easy and effective personalization solution."

The first joint implementation between ThryveAI and Halla is currently underway in a North American grocery chain, and the service will continue to roll out to its entire client base over the next 12 months.

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