Addverb, Velociti Partner to Bring Futuristic Automation to Grocery Intralogistics

Partnership offers integrated solutions for picking, packing and batching orders
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Addverb, Velociti Partner
Addverb and Velociti will work together to advance modern distribution.

Automation solutions company Addverb has partnered with technology solutions provider Velociti Alliance to bring innovative futuristic warehouse automation and robotics to the grocery supply chain.

Addverb’s comprehensive portfolio of mobile robots, ASRS, picking technologies and software, integrated with Velociti Alliance’s solutions, will enable wholesale distribution centers and warehouses to increase storage capacity and pick throughput. As businesses continue to navigate labor and staff shortages, integrated automation solutions with Addverb’s Quadron carton shuttle and Medius multilevel shuttle, combined with goods-to-person stations powered by Concinity, Addverb’s WES software, can reportedly bring efficiencies up to three times higher than conventional mechanized and manually operated warehouses.

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"We are constantly pursuing innovation that will address today’s challenges, anticipate future needs, and help American warehouses solve labor and resource shortages," said Steve Hobbs, Addverb’s senior director of sales. "Addverb’s existing experience in e-commerce, grocery, food and beverage, and micro fulfillment, combined with the partnership with Velociti Alliance, will amply cover the entire gamut of industries. Our unified solutions offer immediate benefits to our clients while paving the way for continued innovation."

According to Velociti, its software solutions help wholesale distribution facilities manage workflows with higher accuracy and less lag time. The company’s software includes CloudLogic, a game-theory-based system that updates picking and packing assignments within microseconds, based on worker location and traffic patterns in the warehouse; PiecePick, which increases productivity and accuracy by batching orders and shortening the distance that workers travel between picks; and SmokePick, which creates faster and more accurate cigarette picking, sorting and stamping.

"Velociti Alliance is excited to be moving ahead with Addverb to design integrated solutions for next-generation performance," said David S. Driskill, CEO of Velociti Alliance North America Inc. "Our partnership combines world-class software and hardware into a unified solution, which will drive more profit to our clients bottom line. Since both organizations have c-store and grocery distribution in their DNA, our joint clients will ultimately win as we work together to advance modern distribution."

Addverbs headquarters, manufacturing and R&D facilities are in India, with global offices in Australia, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United States, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Addverbs current 100-plus customers include Unilever, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Johnson & Johnson. Meanwhile, South Carolina-based Velociti has active installations in the largest distribution interests in North America, including McLane Co. and C&S Wholesale.

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