91% of Women Research Online Pre-trip

Ninety-one percent of women conduct online research prior to making a purchase, and 92 percent are willing to pay more for competing products that receive positive online reviews, according to a survey conducted by San Diego-based marketing firm Interactions.

The survey, Retail Perceptions “The Power of Persuasion,” also revealed that 3 percent of women who shop online say that social media sites are their preferred source for product reviews, while 60 percent rely on retailers’ websites when deciding whether or not to purchase a product.

Additionally, 80 percent are influenced by viewing positive product reviews online, and 67 percent say they are less likely to buy a product they were considering after viewing negative reviews.

“These numbers speak to the impact that mobile is having on the retail industry,” said Giovanni DeMeo, VP of global marketing and analytics for Interactions. “Consumers want information on their terms and their schedules, which means that both retailers and manufacturers need to adapt, if they haven’t already.”

The survey also found that 30 percent of women use a mobile device to conduct research and 37 percent of mobile users say they conduct research during their shopping trip.

Founded in 1988, Interactions is a subsidiary of Daymon Worldwide, the world’s leading full-service, global retail branding and sourcing partner for retailers and manufacturers.

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