7-Eleven Now the Retailer with the Most Sites

DALLAS -- Leading c-store operator 7-Eleven, Inc. here said yesterday (on 7-11-07) it has overtaken quick-serve restaurants and food providers in the number of retail outlets worldwide.

With a net of 1,086 new stores opened year-to-date, 7-Eleven became the food retailer with the most units, beating McDonald's Corp., which reported 31,062 as of March 31, and Subway Restaurants, with about 27,836. As of the end of June, 7-Eleven operated, franchised, and licensed 32,711 stores. One year ago 7-Eleven ranked second in units, but has since stepped up its domestic and overseas expansion.

While 7-Eleven is rapidly expanding with a market-concentration strategy, the chain operates in only 17 countries and one U.S. territory, giving it "tremendous growth potential."

7-Eleven currently has stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, and Puerto Rico. Nearly 50 percent of 7-Eleven stores are located in the United States and Japan.

"The expansion of 7-Eleven indicates the growth potential for convenience worldwide," said 7-Eleven president and c.e.o. Joe DePinto in a statement. "As we celebrate our 80th anniversary as the world's leading convenience retailer this month, we look forward to satisfying customers and further strengthening our brand around the globe."

The company confirmed that it's exploring opportunities both in the United States and new territories abroad.
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