5 A Day Poised for Face Lift

WILMINGTON, Del. -- The Produce for Better Health Foundation is planning to spruce up the image of its stalwart 5 A Day program with a new name and logo, which it said should better reflect the increasingly important role fruits and vegetables play in promoting health.

Sterling Brands, a New York-based branding firm, will handle the makeover duties for 5 A Day. The makeover will also aim to provide a consistent platform for messages aimed at increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The image development project is scheduled to be completed in early 2006, with organization and its members planning to make the transition to a new program identity early in 2007.

"This is an incredible opportunity to take the equity we have developed in the 5 A Day brand and create a program identity that will motivate people to make fruits and vegetables the cornerstone of their meals and snacks," said Elizabeth Pivonka, PBH president and c.e.o. and chairwoman of the National 5 A Day Partnership.

"The strength of the partnership lies in the diversity of the audiences it reaches and the unique resources the partners bring to the mission," Pivonka said, adding that a more solid marketing platform with greater flexibility will better benefit program partners and stakeholders. The brand makeover will also produce, "A consistent communications framework, and most importantly, a memorable brand that inspires people to enthusiastically eat more fruits and vegetables," she added.
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