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3 Steps to Unlocking the Power of Milk Merchandising


It’s one of the most timeless staples at the grocery store — yet milk is fresher than ever.

U.S. shoppers bring home 3.9 billion gallons of milk and alternatives per year from a category growing more diverse and dynamic by the day. And opportunities for growth remain: By implementing the right mix of distribution, shelving and merchandising strategies, retailers could bump annual milk consumption to 13.9 million gallons.

But hitting that mark is possible only if retailers take a new approach to the category and its shoppers. The milk category is evolving both in terms of how consumers shop the dairy aisle and what they look for once they get there. In the past, shoppers considered milk akin to paper towels or toilet paper: a one-size-fits-all household staple. But today’s milk shoppers seek a wide repertoire of items from the dairy aisle, aiming to address multiple occasions and a range of family members’ cravings and needs.

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