2 Seattle Stores Go Green on Earth Day

SEATTLE - Independent Thriftway grocers Magnolia Thriftway and Ballinger Thriftway launched a new program to become carbon-neutral businesses by assessing their greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting those emissions through a partnership with nonprofit organization NetGreen.

The two retailers will also offer customers the opportunity to contribute toward renewable energy credits through the purchase of carbon offset greeting cards.

"The purchase of carbon offsets are part of a plan to be a better partner for the planet," said Jeff Taylor, Thriftway director of operations. "This month we are implementing commercial composting and commercial recycling programs which will reduce our waste by over 20 percent. For customers, we are also offering free saplings suitable for planting and the opportunity to purchase carbon offset greeting cards that allow concerned customers to offset their own carbon footprint."

Purchases of the carbon offset greeting cards will help fund clean and renewable energy projects like wind and solar power. All funding is directed and certified by the non-profit organizations NetGreen and Native Energy.

During the month of April, Magnolia and Ballinger Thriftway stores have also implemented multiple programs to reduce their impact on the planet.

"Many of our customers care deeply about the food they buy and how it is brought to market. We decided that we needed to be more active in recognizing our impact. We have spent the last few years forming direct partnerships with local and organic growers and we feel that carbon offsets are the next logical step in being a progressive retailer," said Taylor.
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