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Zenergie Fizzing Beverage Tablets<br />Hydrate Lemon and Lime Flavor

One of the aspects of hydration that companies like Propel are well aware of is the fact that for many people drinking plain water is just plain boring. Studies have shown that adding a little flavor increases consumption significantly. This product from Zenergie is addressing this trend and combining it with a selection of supplements tailored to modern life: for example, Thrive women's multi-vitamin boost, Empower men's multivitamin boost, Chill natural relaxation blend, and the flavor we tasted, Hydrate natural electrolyte replenishment. Each flavor contains a specific blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. We love that they used stevia to sweeten this product and that there are 600 milligrams of vitamin C in this flavor. However, we do wish the flavor was a little better, the tablets dissolved more easily -- and lastly, we'd like more fizz. Available in other flavors. Retails for $6.99/10-tablet tube.
Taste Value 1 Health Ingred Prep App Pack Total
25 14 15 15 8 5 5 87

San Francisco, CA
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