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Wisconsin Festival Store Bows Cart Purification System

DEPERE, Wis. -- The Festival Foods store here unveiled a new method to purify shopping carts with the introduction of Purecart Systems.

"Customer reaction to the Purecart System has been extremely positive" said Mark Skogen, president/owner of DePere Festival Foods. "We at Festival subscribe to 'The Boomerang Theory,' meaning that everything we do is focused on bringing the customer back. Purecart enhances our value proposition by addressing a growing issue [and reducing] our customer's exposure to germs --leading to better health and ultimately, an enhanced shopping experience for our customers. This is just another way to demonstrate that we care about or customers and that they, and their health, are important to us."

The patented system has been proven to kill 99 percent of bacteria and common viruses, such as e-coli, salmonella, and influenza on the entire shopping cart before actual consumer use, according to PureCart officials.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has proven that there are one million germs on just one shopping cart handle and that carts provide more exposure to bacteria and germs than public restrooms." said Jim Kratowicz, Purecart's v.p. of business development and marketing.
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