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Winn-Dixie to Streamline Transportation Collaboration and Execution with Elogex

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Elogex Inc., a provider of collaborative logistics solutions, announced that Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. has selected its solution to streamline inbound and outbound transportation activities. With Elogex, Winn-Dixie hopes to achieve real-time visibility of their logistics operations, bridging a critical gap between the company's transportation planning and settlement systems.

Like other users of traditional transportation management systems, Winn-Dixie realized they needed capabilities beyond the ability to build a transportation plan or pay for the freight after delivery is complete. "It's imperative for us to see our transportation plan in action, as events unfold across our entire logistics network," said Richard Judd, vice president of warehousing and distribution at Winn-Dixie. "With Elogex we'll have the constant updates required to keep our supply chain on the leading edge."

Winn-Dixie will implement the Elogex solution in 25 locations across their operation that spans 14 states and the Bahamas. The hosted solution will reduce costs by increasing efficiencies in both Winn-Dixie's private fleet transportation, as well as shipments delivered by common carriers, according to Elogex. When the system is fully implemented, it will be used to process around 350,000 shipments per year.
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