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Winn-Dixie has Special Edition of '08 Star-K Passover Directory

To serve the many Jewish shoppers who follow increased kosher guidelines during Passover, Winn-Dixie and Star-K are joining forces to offer a special edition of the 2008 Star-K Passover Directory at select stores.

The directory, which retails for $1.99, explains which cosmetics and medicines are kosher for Passover. Winn-Dixie shoppers will also find Passover Haggadot in Florida stores, free to all customers.

"We want kosher consumers to feel comfortable and confident when shopping their neighborhood Winn-Dixie," said Deborah Shapiro, kosher foods category manager for Jacksonville, Fla.-based Winn-Dixie, in a statement.

Although it is simple to identify foods suitable for Passover consumption by finding the "P" next to the kosher certification symbol, there is no such system of classification when it comes to medicines and cosmetics, according to Star-K.

The information found in the Star-K Passover Directory is based on the extensive research of Rabbi Gershon Bess, the rav of Congregation Kehilas Yaakov in Los Angeles, who is considered one of the world's top experts on Passover medications. The guide also contains the "Star-K 2008 Pesach Product Directory," articles relating to Passover preparations, oven use, post-Passover information, and other helpful charts and information. It also contains the Jewish Diabetes Association's "Pesach Guide for Diabetes and Health Related Issues," and special Erev Passover-Shabbos rules.

Star-K Certification, Inc. in Baltimore is a non-profit agency that certifies kosher production in 46 states.
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