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Winn-Dixie Converts Some Atlanta Stores into Warehouse Format

ATLANTA - Winn-Dixie has confirmed that it will convert some of its 40 or so local stores in Atlanta to SaveRite Grocery Warehouses, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The company aims to fill a void left when Cub Foods pulled out of the Atlanta market last year.

The SaveRite stores will have lower prices but more limited variety than standard supermarkets, according to Winn-Dixie.

Two stores have already been converted to the SaveRite format, and two more were slated to switch over on Thursday. At least five more will be converted to the new format by Feb. 10, according to the AJC.

Mickey Clerc, a spokesman for Jacksonville, Fla.-based Winn-Dixie, declined to say whether the company plans to convert all its area stores. But he said more conversions are coming. No SaveRite openings are currently under way outside metro Atlanta.

Winn-Dixie already operates about 15 of the warehouse stores in Florida and Mississippi under the names SaveRite and Sack & Save.

Prices will be cheaper than at typical supermarkets, including Winn-Dixie stores, Clerc said. The trade-off will be in reduced selection -- except in produce, which will be expanded beyond what the traditional supermarket offers.
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