Wild Oats Said to Pull POM Wonderful from Some Units after Tampering Threat

BOULDER, Colo. - Natural and organic foods retailer Wild Oats Markets, Inc. here pulled bottles of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice from shelves in seven of its stores, after an animal rights group claimed it tampered with 487 bottles.

Reports of the chain pulling the product appeared yesterday from Reuters. A call placed to Wild Oats by Progressive Grocer yesterday afternoon for confirmation was not returned.

Wild Oats reportedly pulled the product from stores in Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, as the threat was directed at stores along the Eastern Seaboard. Now the retailer is conducting tests to make sure the product is not tampered with, according to the report.

A representative from POM, which is owned by Los Angeles-based Roll International, told Reuters the animal rights group's claim was a hoax, and said it has not found any evidence of contamination of any of its products.

POM has reportedly become a target of animal rights activists because it tests its product on animals.
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