Wild American Shrimp Trains 100 Certified Evaluators

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Wild American Shrimp, Inc. (WASI) here has completed the training of 100 Licensed Certified Evaluators (LTEs) who it said will ensure that wild-caught U.S. shrimp processed in facilities along the southern Gulf and Atlantic coasts meet the marketing group's standards.

"At a critical time in the marketplace, Wild American Shrimp is doing everything possible to guarantee that wild-caught shrimp is inspected and meets the stringent requirements necessary to be deemed Certified Wild American Shrimp," said Mario Piccinin, WASI's director of operations. "To that end, the completion of training for 100 certified evaluators will not only help ensure quality standards are met, but will increase the capacity to certify product."

The new WASI-trained evaluators will begin certifying product on June 1. Previously, this function was handled by U.S. Department of Commerce (USDC) inspectors. While WASI's certified evaluators will assume responsibility for this role next month, USDC inspectors are invited to receive the certification training offered by WASI and will continue to conduct initial facility audits at shrimp processing plants.
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