Wild American Shrimp Achieves Certification for Name

CHARLESTON, S.C. - The words "Wild American" are now formally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) as a certification mark of Wild American Shrimp, Inc . (WASI) based here.

"Our work is to distinguish Wild American shrimp from the imported pond-raised shrimp sold to most consumers today," said Eddie Gordon, executive director of WASI. "With the registration of our certification mark, we'll be able to better protect our domestic products and assure consumers that when they choose Wild American shrimp, they're purchasing a product wild harvested in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic that provides a taste, texture and quality that is uniquely from nature and simply cannot be matched."

WASI administers a certification program, which ensures that warm-water, wild caught shrimp from U.S. coastal waters meet a high standard of quality and consistency. Shrimp that meet these stringent standards are labeled with the distinctive certified Wild American Shrimp mark. More than 50 approved suppliers provide this quality product to processors, distributors, retailers, grocers, and restaurants who rely on the quality and consistency of the certification and the certified Wild American Shrimp logo to distinguish their product.
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