Whole Foods' Trots Out 'The Meat Guy' Online to Talk Value

Theo Weening, global meat coordinator for Whole Foods Market, is on a mission. Known as "The Meat Guy," Weening wants to persuade shoppers that meat at Whole Foods is still affordable even in times of high prices, and the chain now has him preaching meat frugality in a video on its Web site .

The organic/natural grocer has Weening offering buying and usage tips to encourage shoppers to consider purchasing value cuts of meat, such as flap steak, chuck roast, and whole chickens, as well as family packs.

"There is no reason to give up meat or skimp on quality," Weening said in a statement. "Talk to our butchers, who will share their recommendations on full-flavored affordable cuts that also meet our stringent quality standards which guarantee the best tasting meat from animals that were raised on a vegetarian diet and given no antibiotics or added hormones."

Other ideas from Weening and Whole Foods include talking to the store butchers to find the "right meat and poultry options at the right price," and the grocer's "The Whole Deal" value guide.
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