Whole Foods Taps Director for Animal Foundation

AUSTIN, Texas -- Anne Malleau has been named executive director of Whole Foods Market's new Animal Compassion Foundation, created to help meat producers achieve a higher standard of animal treatment in their operations while still maintaining economic viability.

In a statement, Whole Foods said the foundation's goals include:
-- Searching for innovative ranchers and farmers who raise their animals with the well-being of the animal rather than producer productivity;
-- Creating a worldwide network comprised of animal-compassionate ranchers and farmers to share knowledge, to learn and improve together, and an online library to help other interested ranchers and farmers successfully convert to animal-compassionate methods;
-- Providing research money to animal scientists at universities around the world to address challenges faced by producers trying to raise animals more compassionately.

Most recently, Malleau served as the communications coordinator for the Colonel K.L. Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare in Guelph, Ontario. A former member of the Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare Steering Committee (1995-1997), she was also a presenter at the International Society for Applied Ethologists in Prague, Czech Republic (1997) and a spokesperson for the Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (1997).

The foundation will be led by Malleau as executive director, and the board of directors includes the following Whole Foods Market managers: John Mackey, c.e.o.; Margaret Wittenberg, v.p. of marketing and public affairs and chair of the foundation; Elizabeth Fry, farm animal quality standards coordinator; Roberta Lang, general counsel; Michael Besancon, regional president for the Southern Pacific Region; Steve Keville, national meat coordinator; Theo Weening, meat coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region; A.C. Gallo, co-president; John Nicholson, meat coordinator for the North Atlantic Region; and Dan Neuerburg, meat coordinator for the Northern California and Pacific Northwest regions.

Whole Foods had sales of $3.9 billion in fiscal 2004 and currently operates 167 stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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