Whole Foods to Launch Nonfood 'Lifestyle' Concept in Hollywood

AUSTIN, Texas -- Leading natural supermarket chain Whole Foods Market here said last week it will debut a "Lifestyle" store, offering environmentally conscious clothing, housewares, and other nonfood items, next to its full-line supermarket in West Hollywood, Calif., in late October.

At 2,000 square feet, the standalone general merchandise store will be much smaller than Whole Foods' average 50,000-square-foot supermarket. The Whole Foods Market Lifestyle concept was first incorporated as a shop-in-shop dedicated to lifestyle products beyond food, inside the Austin flagship store, which opened in March 2005.

"The development and incorporation of Whole Foods Market Lifestyle reflects the company's founding values into other aspects of life," said Marci Frumkin, marketing director, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific Region. "Our core values include a commitment to sustainable agriculture, expanding the market for organic products, and utilizing wise environmental practices. The new lifestyle store is another example how Whole Foods Market leads by example within the context that the company knows best--educating consumers about organic foods, natural products, and ethical business practices."

The Lifestyle assortments range from organic blue jeans and recycled handbags to paints free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)--all providing options and education for a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, the store is being built using sustainable, and environmentally-friendly, materials including flooring, shelves, walls, paint, hemp curtains for the dressing rooms; and even reclaimed and reused furniture as displays or merchandise.
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