Whole Foods Hosts 'Growing Healthy Kids' Fundraiser

Whole Foods Market's Growing Healthy Kids program aims to raise $3 million to fund salad bars and gardens for schools, and nutrition education classes for teachers.

The effort is part of Whole Kids Foundation's annual campaign which raises awareness around the importance of childhood nutrition and helps schools provide healthier food choices for students.

The program will run throughout September, with Whole Foods locations hosting a variety of educational and interactive fundraising events. Shoppers can also get involved by making a donation at store check-outs or online

“Well-nourished kids miss fewer days of school and are better able to pay attention in class, improving academic performance, and as Whole Kids Foundation celebrates its third anniversary, we’re excited to see visible results from our work,” said Nona Evans, executive director of Whole Kids Foundation.

“School salad bars are getting kids excited about school lunches and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and school gardens are not only connecting kids to the roots of their food and how nutrition helps their bodies, they are increasing their curiosity around trying new foods," Evans added.

Since its inception in 2011, Whole Foods Foundation has invested $10 million to fund more than 3,400 salad bars and 2,110 school gardens, impacting more than 3 million children nationwide.

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