Whole Foods Greens Pizza Delivery With Eco-friendly Takeout Box

Natural and organic foods retailer Whole Foods Market plans to use Earth-friendly boxes to serve takeout customers at brick-oven pizza counters at 30 locations in the Rocky Mountain region.

The Austin, Texas-based retailer will use the GreenBox, from ECOvention, LLC, a design, licensing, manufacturing, and subcontract management firm based in New York that develops green food packaging.

Made from 100 percent recycled material, the top of the GreenBox breaks down into plates, while the bottom folds into a storage container, a design aimed at eliminating the need for disposable plates as well as plastic wrap and aluminum foil for leftovers.

“Whole Foods Market and the GreenBox share a common passion for environmental sustainability and innovative customer service,” said ECOvention CEO William Walsh.

According to Walsh, ECOvention expects to roll out the GreenBox at other Whole Foods locations throughout the United States and Canada.

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