Whole Foods and Green Mountain Energy Co. Pushing 'Low Carbon' Diet

AUSTIN, Texas -- It's a totally different kind of diet, and one meant to benefit the earth. Whole Foods Market here has launched a national Earth Month carbon reduction initiative, "The Whole Earth Weigh-In: 30 Ways in 30 Days," along with Green Mountain Energy Company, a leading provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset products also based in Austin.

Green Mountain said yesterday it has designed a way for Whole Foods Market shoppers to easily track and calculate their carbon footprint through a customized version of a Web-based carbon calculator and BeGreen carbon offset product.

The initiative is part of a month-long program that began April 1, and is available at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/earthday.

The BeGreen Weigh-In calculator allows shoppers to total the carbon emissions resulting from daily activities associated with electricity and natural gas usage, driving, and air travel. Additionally, there are "Eco-Action" tips incorporated by Green Mountain that enable people to immediately shed pounds off their carbon weight.

Program participants can also offset all or a portion of their carbon footprint by purchasing BeGreen Carbon Offsets. BeGreen Carbon Offsets are derived from cleaner energy projects across the country -- including solar and wind power -- as well as forest sequestration and energy efficiency projects.

The Whole Earth Weigh-In is an integrated carbon weight-loss plan incorporating a special guidebook for consumers available in all Whole Foods stores and an interactive online tool. The program educates about the negative impact that carbon dioxide (CO2) has on the environment and offers straightforward tips and tools that everyone can use to reduce their CO2 emissions.

The current April 1, 2007 print issue of Progressive Grocer gives extensive coverage to the grocery industry's activities to become more environmentally conscious, from the way companies operate to the products they sell.
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