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Whole Foods Adds New Line of Dog Treats

DALLAS - Whole Foods Market plans to carry several items from the Dogswell product line of premium dog treats at stores in its Southern Pacific region.

All Dogswell products are made from natural chicken breast and have a variety of supplements to protect the dog’s health. Whole Foods will carry Dogswell's Happy Hips and Vitality treats.

Happy Hips, which contains glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, and vitamin E, aids in the therapy and prevention of hip displaysia –- a condition which frequently affects large-breed dogs. However, these nutrients are extremely effective in helping to promote healthy joints among breeds of all sizes.

Vitality has a high level of vitamins A and E, which aid in proper eye care, antioxidants, healthy circulatory systems, improved wound healing, and skin care.

Additional treats manufactured by Dogswell include Happy Heart, Mellow Mut, and Breathies.
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