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Weis Markets’ Nutri-Facts Aims to Simplify Healthy Shopping

Mid-Atlantic supermarket chain Weis Markets Inc. has launched a new shelf tag program, Nutri-Facts, that uses brightly-colored icons on pricing tags to help shoppers easily identify foods that meet their unique health and lifestyle needs.

Weis Markets is committed to helping our customers live well. We can accomplish this goal by providing tools and resources on healthy eating and simplifying the process of finding nutritious foods in our stores,” said Beth Stark, manager of lifestyle initiatives for Weis Markets. “Our Nutri-Facts program is designed to provide a snapshot of food products so that at a glance, a customer can determine if its nutrition or lifestyle profile fits their individual needs and the needs of their family.”

Follows FDA, USDA guidelines

Using U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, Weis dietitians developed 13 Nutri-Facts icons that include popular dietary and health identifiers that are in demand by customers, including organic, gluten free, whole grain, carb conscious, heart healthy, vegan, no added sugar, low sodium and vegan. Customers will have to look no further than the product pricing tag on the shelf to see what health and lifestyle attributes are associated the products.

The Weis dietitian team also recently launched its Fresh for You and Superfoods programs. Fresh for You foods are hand-selected by the dietitian team based on nutritional profiles and will be flagged with a sign that provides helpful information on ways to incorporate the food into recipes and meal ideas.  The Superfoods program highlights nutrient-rich foods that naturally contain significant amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Customers will see signs for colorful superfoods signs throughout the store that offer tips for use. 

Since 2003, Weis Markets has employed dietitians to assist shoppers. The current team consists of four registered dietitians, two of which are based in Weis stores, that are readily available to answer customers' food, nutrition and wellness questions.

Founded in 1912, Sunbury, Pa.-based Weis Markets Inc. operates 163 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia. 




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