Wegmans Polls Shoppers on Gluten-free Needs

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Wegmans Polls Shoppers on Gluten-free Needs

To help it improve its gluten-free product selection and services, Wegmans Food Markets surveyed shoppers on their gluten-free item needs. The survey is just one in a series of online consumer polls the grocer regularly holds, tapping subscribers to its Fresh News e-newsletter by e-mail.

Wegmans said it aimed the survey at "all who seek gluten-free products and information, including those who choose to eat gluten-free foods and those diagnosed with celiac disease." The company also asked for the participation of those "who shop for gluten-free products for others in their households or in their circle of family and friends."

Among the questions it posed were whether shoppers would be interested in attending a one-hour Gluten-free Basics in-store tour at Wegmans, which is designed to teach individuals who are new to following a gluten-free diet how to shop for such foods; whether shoppers were familiar with the Gluten-free Wellness Key on Wegmans brand products; and how helpful they found Wegmans' various gluten-free resources, including cooking classes, in-store pharmacists and dietitians, and a brochure, as well as information and recipes available at www.wegmans.com.

It also asked customers to compare the gluten-free product selection and resources at Wegmans with rival supermarket operators Dean's Natural Markets, ShopRite, Trader Joe's, Walmart Supercenter, and Whole Foods.

The survey additionally sought to find out shoppers' opinions of the effectiveness of labeling requirements for packaged foods containing major food allergens.