Wegmans Offers Portion Control Guidance Online

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Wegmans Offers Portion Control Guidance Online

Among the "eat well. live well" principles featured on its Web site, Wegmans Food Markets offers the "Half-Plate Guide," a visual, four-step method that aims to help control calories and limit food intake.

"When it comes to managing your weight, calories count, so you need to watch your portions," said Wegmans corporate nutritionist Trish Kazacos. "And that's not always easy to do when you are eating out. So how can you keep calories down when you can't measure out proper portion sizes? The Half-Plate Guide works so well because it's easy to follow, simple to remember, and doesn't stop people from enjoying foods they love."

The guide consists of four easy steps:

--Visually divide your plate (or bowl) in half.
--Fill half of your plate with low-calorie vegetables (fewer than 100 calories a cup) or fresh fruit.
--Use the other half of your plate for other items (meat, pasta, etc.)
--If you go back for seconds or a dessert, make sure half of your plate is used for low calorie vegetables or fresh fruit.

The method works because "[i]t limits your portions of high-calorie foods, which keeps your total calorie intake down and helps you reach the goal to 'Strive for 5' cups of fruits and vegetables every day, a goal we encourage our employees and customers to follow as part of our eat well. live well principles," noted Kazacos.

Family-owned Wegmans, based in Rochester, N.Y., operates 71 supermarkets in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland.