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Wegmans Lauds Sterling Commerce for Putting 100-plus Vendors Online With Data Sync

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Wegman's Food Markets, the family-owned 66-store supermarket chain that's a pioneer in the movement toward data synchronization, recognized business integration provider Sterling Commerce for its role in synchronizing item data with more than 100 of the retailer's suppliers.

"The Sterling TR2 Hosted solution supports the essential UCCnet Services compliance and data synchronization needs by helping our suppliers improve the quality and accuracy of business transactions, and enabling the application of new business integration technologies," said Marianne Timmons, Wegmans director of business-to-business. "Wegmans is delighted to see a data synchronization leader such as Sterling Commerce helping our trading community realize the business benefits of accurate, synchronized data."

Sterling Commerce, a wholly owned subsidiary of SBC Communications Inc., is the first solution provider to enable the supermarket chain to bring a broad level of data synchronization to its supplier community. By leveraging the Sterling TR2 Hosted solution, Wegmans' suppliers can optimize collaborative relationships with the retailer, reducing invoice discrepancies and product delivery errors, and speeding to market new-product introductions and existing item changes.

The Sterling TR2 Hosted solution enables customers to load and maintain item information, validate product information, publish item information to retailers through UCCnet Services, and handle reporting and automated status updates, according to the company, The solution also offers alternative connections to country catalogs and data pools beyond UCCnet Services, such as EAN, ECCnet, WWRE, Transora, and SINFOS.

The software has successfully passed a series of intensive interoperability tests confirming the product's ability to provide valid and functional UCCnet Extensible Markup Language (XML) messaging needed to synchronize item data through the UCCnet Services, making it UCCnet Synchronization Suite-certified, Sterling Commerce said.
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