Wegmans Issues 'Eat Well Live Well' Calendar

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Wegmans Food Markets is now offering seasonal calendars that tie into its Eat Well Live Well nutrition program for children and their parents.

Visitors to http://www.wegmans.com can find the new Eat Well Live Well autumn calendar by clicking on 'Healthy Eating' and then 'Parents and Kids.' The calendar provides tips on how families can improve their nutritional choices, by such methods as:

--Starting every day with a healthy breakfast.

--Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables, three of whole grains, and three of dairy every day.

--Cooking together as a family.

--Taking part in an hour of "active play" daily.

--Setting goals for healthy eating and exercise.

Additionally, some days on the calendar offer ideas for activities, which run the gamut from taking a brisk walk together for 20 or 30 minutes during the week to going on a hike in the woods to see fall leaves changing color on the weekend.

Other days provide suggestions for family-prepared meals such as homemade applesauce, apple "sandwiches," salsa, hot chocolate, soup, or chili.

The calendar even includes hints to make life better for others, such as volunteering to help at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.

"You're never too young (or old) to make room for good things in life, such as wholesome food, family time, and exercise," noted Jane Andrews, corporate nutritionist for Wegmans, in a statement. She cited recent studies finding that children who ate with their families at healthier foods and were in better emotional health.

Family-owned Wegmans is a 68-store supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.

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