Wegmans Collects Intel on Customers on Baby Care Shopping Habits Via Online Survey

Wegmans Food Markets is fishing for clues to how and where its customers buy baby care items and diapers, via an emailed survey that, among other objectives, apparently seeks to gauge how it stacks up against mass merchants and wholesale clubs when it comes to Baby's needs.

The chain yesterday sent an invitation to its email newsletter subscribers urging them to take an online survey of their baby care preferences and shopping habits. The survey is aimed at those customers who have purchased diapers, baby formula, baby food, and other baby care items within the last two months at Wegmans or elsewhere.

The chains is asking its customers to gauge the importance of such factors as the amount of in-store space dedicated to baby items, variety, the availability of store brands and club packaging, adequate inventory, price; and such non-category factors as time spent at checkout, a child-friendly environment, and assistance in carrying groceries to the car.

Wegmans also is asking survey respondents whether it has been able to live up to their shopping expectations; and how it could improve the shopping experience in regard to baby care items.

The survey also probes for shopping behavior with regard to baby care categories at its rivals including warehouse clubs, mass merchants, and supercenters.
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