Wegmans Adopts Agribuys Trading Platform

TORRANCE, Calif. - Agribuys, a supply chain integrator for the global food industry, today announced the adoption of its perishables trading platform by Wegmans Food Markets Inc. of Rochester, N.Y.

"We believe that the Internet represents a significant opportunity to add value in the perishables space, and we see Agribuys as the right partner to help deliver this value," said Mike Bargmann, Wegmans' senior vice president of distribution and business-to-business executive sponsor.

The adoption of the Agribuys technology follows an extensive pilot program and is a part of Wegmans' accelerating e-commerce strategy. The project will begin in the produce area and will be implemented in phases that will ensure end-to-end compatibility with existing and future back-end systems.

"This partnership expands Agribuys' capability to electronically link the entire supply chain end to end. The technology will generate significant efficiencies, and will enable closer collaboration between Wegmans and its supplier partners," said Marina Kotsianas, Agribuys' CEO and chairman. "We applaud Wegmans in its continuous effort to raise the bar in the grocery industry and are delighted to be chosen as a technology partner."
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