Walmart, Target Top Millennials’ Favorite Grocers: Report

With convenience being a major factor in their decisions, Millennial food enthusiasts have selected Walmart and Target as their top choices for groceries, according to the expanded 2017 Food Love List, made in partnership between media company Condé Nast and investment banker Goldman Sachs, both based in New York.

Millennials are one-stop shoppers, the study says, and this convenience-mindedness means they’re more likely to shop at retailers that offer a variety of options outside the food category, explaining why the Bentonville, Ark.-based giant is their No. 1 shopping destination. It also explains why they are nearly twice as likely to shop at Target, a “probably result” of the Minneapolis-based retailer’s new small-format stores and redesigned layout that puts grocery front and center.

Other food retailers rounding out the top five listings for Millennials are Whole Foods (39 percent), Trader Joe’s (34 percent) and Costco (30 percent). For the overall national sample, Walmart still topped the list (35 percent, versus 43 percent for Millennials), although Target fell to No. 5 (25 percent, versus 42 percent for Millennials), with Costco, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market in between.