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Walmart, Target have Most Social Media Followers: Study


Walmart and Target are in a battle for the mantle of top food retailer with the most social media followers, according to a new study by Greensboro N.C.-based Pace Communications that examines the number of social media followers of U.S.- and U.K.-based grocery chains.
“Each has added over 500,000 followers to their Facebook pages in the last four months,” said John Cass, head of digital marketing at Pace.
According to the study, the national U.S. grocery chains are openly embracing social media, while the regional players are slower to adopt these communications vehicles. “If there is one broad statement I can make about custom content grocery marketing, it’s that for national companies like Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart, there’s an understanding of the value of creating content on the Web and social networks for both their search engine rankings and customer engagement across the Web,” said Cass.
The study is the second part of a series that illustrates how rapidly the grocery industry is adopting social media practices; it also gives us a snapshot of how grocery chains are developing their content marketing efforts this year.
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