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Walmart Canada, Inmar Intelligence Partner to Save Shoppers Money

Retailer will launch 1st-ever digital coupon program
Gina Acosta, Progressive Grocer
In an exclusive interview, Garry Church, SVP/enterprise strategy and development at Inmar Intelligence, explained how the Walmart Canada partnership came about.

Walmart Canada customers will soon be able to access digital coupons from a variety of consumer packaged goods brands through a new program with Inmar Intelligence, a leading technology and data company.

The new digital coupon program will allow coupons to be used in-store or online at all stores beginning in October, providing Walmart Canada customers with access to additional savings through consumer-packaged goods brands. 

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In an exclusive interview, Garry Church, SVP/enterprise strategy and development at Inmar Intelligence, explained how the partnership came about.

“Inmar Intelligence has been in Canada since the mid-1960s and has the largest market share of coupon settlement in the region,” Church said. “And just like the U.S., the Canadian territory has continued to grow in adoption of digital coupons. But it really came down to market conditions and Canadian shoppers needing more savings, our place in the market and the relationship that we have with Walmart Canada and their trust in our technology.”

This program is the first of its kind for the retailer in Canada and provides CPG brands another way to engage and help Canadian customers save money. Church said Walmart Canada is looking to increase savings for their shoppers and to generate a larger percentage of their basket having savings tied to it. 

“Retailers want to make sure that when a customer's going through the aisle that they've got things that are tied to a coupon,” Church said. “Another goal of retailers  is to drive mobile app adoption and support omnichannel strategy, which includes encouraging shoppers to use their phones in-store,” he added.

The program comes at a critical time when inflation has Canadians looking for more ways to save. 

Research from the Agri-Food Analytics Lab, Dalhousie University and Angus Reid found that more Canadians are using incentives than they were six months ago. That research also showed that if more incentives were available, 68% of Canadian shoppers say that they would use them more often.

In March, an Inmar Intelligence Canadian Shopper Survey reported that 74% of Canadian shoppers visit their retailer’s website to look for coupons and promotions, and 56% of shoppers have switched grocery retailers for better rewards and loyalty programs. As Canadian shoppers increase their use of incentives, their expectations of retailers and brands will increase as well. 

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According to research published by Deloitte in October 2022, 72% of Canadian adults said they will shift brands if their preferred brand is too expensive. This leaves brands with the opportunity to deploy digital incentives as an essential way to provide savings shoppers are demanding while driving loyalty to their brand.

“Introducing digital coupons to Walmart Canada’s customers is the latest way we’re helping Canadians to save money and live better,” says Sid Kapoor, VP, digital marketing, Walmart Canada. “Whether customers are shopping in-store or online, they’ll be able to access these coupons from some of their favorite brands in addition to our everyday low prices.”

The new digital coupons program will use the latest digital incentives technology and insights-driven expertise from Inmar to help provide innovative ways for Walmart Canada and CPG brands to leverage data insights, creating value for customers and further improving the customer experience. 

“What's different about our approach is the relevancy ranking and the passion around saving people time, in addition to the money. And then the third leg of that stool is the mindshare so that we prevent scroll fatigue,” Church said. “We're also personalizing. Around 80% of people go to the coupon gallery to be inspired for their meals. And so if you can click on the cluster of savings, so it could be mustard, ketchup, hotdog, bun, there you've been inspired and you get $5 versus having to scroll around and look for the individual savings.”

Additionally, CPG brands now have the ability to deploy digital coupons as another tactic to help meet their brand objectives. Whether they are looking to drive trial, increase usage or secure brand loyalty, digital incentives will now be an easily deployed tactic to support their sales at Walmart Canada.

As for the next horizon when it comes to digital coupons, Church said health and wellness is “where the puck is going.”

“It's about putting health front and center and making sure we're serving up the right offers and the right content that align with people's health goals and preferences,” Church said. “So being able to sort by lifestyle and show, 'Hey, you’ve got celiac, so here are the offers that are relevant to you that you’re eligible for.'"

Church added it's the retailers that are putting the shopper first in their strategy who are “the ones that are going to win. Their ability to partner with suppliers that put the shopper first also is how they're going to continue to either protect the market share that they have or gain new share,” he said.

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