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Wal-Mart Still No. 1 in Fortune 500 U.S. list

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. can once again claim the top spot among American companies as the biggest revenue maker, Fortune magazine said yesterday in releasing its Fortune 500 list.

The retailer tallied 2007 revenues of $378.8 billion -- up 7.9 percent from last year -- and retained its lead over ExxonMobil, which had $372.8 billion in revenue.

However, ExxonMobil's profit was more than triple that of the retailer at $40.6 billion compared to $12.7 billion.

Other grocers that made the list include The Kroger Co. (No. 26), Safeway (56), Publix Super Markets (107), Supervalu (117), Winn-Dixie (305), and Whole Foods Market (411).

The Fortune 500 ranking is based on revenues.
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