Wal-Mart Installs Green Humidity Control Systems in Two Stores

Walmart has installed energy-efficient dehumidification and energy recovery systems on the roofs of a Walmart and Sam’s Club store in Puerto Rico. The new units replace gas driven desiccant systems.

Desiccant systems in HVAC applications are used primarily where simultaneous maintenance of temperature and humidity control is needed. “MSP Technology offered a solution with high performance and low energy consumption in a simple 100 percent refrigerant-based unit [that requires] minimal maintenance and low supply air dew point temperature,” said Edgardo Velez, P.E., president of Quantum Engineering and a consultant to Walmart Puerto Rico.

Walmart operates 54 stores in Puerto Rico, including eight Walmart stores, six Walmart Supercenters and 31 Sam’s Club Supermarkets Amigo. Walmart Puerto Rico is the largest private employer on the island with more than 14,000 associates, and generates more than 3,500 indirect jobs in transportation, maintenance and security.

“We reduced electric service to each unit from 350 amps to 200 amps and completely eliminated the need for gas,” said Walter Stark, president of Huntington, N.Y.-based MSP Technology, which manufactures the systems. “We will continue to research fresh opportunities in humidity control and energy recovery and help develop new markets for MSP products by working closely with customers’ system engineers.”


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