Wal-Mart Cuts Prices in Germany

BERLIN - Wal-Mart announced has begun implementing a new round of discounts at its German stores in its latest attempt to attract shoppers in a market where it has yet to turn a profit, The Associated Press reports.

More than 300 items including food products will be discounted for at least 60 days at Wal-Mart's 95 German supermarkets. The price cuts went into effect on Monday. To promote the campaign, Wal-Mart sent out a 20-page booklet to more than 10 million households, the company said in a statement.

Wal-Mart launched a similar campaign two years ago, which sparked a fierce price war with German chains, the AP reports.

Wal-Mart is still involved in a legal battle over those discounts with regulators, who want to stop it from selling staples such as milk and butter at below cost to protect smaller rivals.
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