Vowell's Market Place Adds C&C to 3 Stores

Independent grocer Vowell's Market Place is adding click-and-collect service at three of its stores in Mississippi, with an official launch date of April 5.

Powered by Ithaca, N.Y.-based ecommerce software provider Rosie,  the new service – dubbed Shop, Drop & Roll – will allow customers to shop online for anything excluding alcohol and tobacco. It also allows for personalized instructions to be shared with the person preparing the order.

After ordering, customers simply stop at the store, park in a designated reserved parking space, call the posted phone number and have the order delivered to their car. Pickup fee is $4.95 per order, with a $10 minimum order size.

“Shop, Drop, & Roll allows our customers to have more freedom to do the things they want, as opposed to spending all of their time handling the next 'must-do' on their list,” said Vowell's President Todd Vowell. “Many people in our communities seek the benefits of having our experienced personal shoppers take advantage of the budget-saving prices and greatly simplify the meal-preparation process.”

Based in Louisville, Miss., Vowell’s Marketplace has 21 locations across Mississippi and Alabama.

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